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Razovelhu Vasa

Associate Minister

Razovelhu Vasa hails from Nagaland, a state in the North East of India. Razo’s father was an ordained minister and had great influence on him. At the age of fourteen Razo responded to the call of the Lord to serve Him fulltime in a Youth Camp. The Lord has gifted him with the gift of Music and since young he has been using this gift in serving the Lord.

He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Nagaland University, Bachelor of Church Music and Master of Divinity from Singapore Bible College.  He served as Youth Pastor at BBPC from year 2004 to 2009. During this period of time, the Church richly groomed him in the area of preaching, management and people relationship. After Razo returned to India, he served as a fulltime Pastor at Dimapur Christian Fellowship mentoring mainly to mixed married couples and Young Adults.  He used Alpha course to reach out and and also Alpha Marriage Course to help couples. During his time Nagaland he also sensed the need to promote unity among the tribal groups as there were isms among the tribal groups.  He was led to mobilize a 300 strong choir where many churches and music colleges were brought together to sing Handel’s Oratorio “Messiah”, under the theme of Oneness in Christ.

Razo also enjoys interacting with people individually or in smaller group settings. He believes people grow spiritually more through personal interaction and in a genuine-authentic environment. He loves to create these kinds of environment wherever the Lord places him.

Razo is married to Quine and the Lord has also blessed them with two boys and one girl.

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