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A brief history

Bukit Batok Presbyterian Church is a project of Orchard Road Presbyterian Church which began in the late 1980s. By the early 1990s, the four congregations at ORPC grew rapidly, with the need for more space and facilities. This led to the decision to tender for the site at Bukit Batok, and the Housing Development Board awarded a 30-year lease beginning 1 July 1992. Planning permission was granted on 17 August 1993, and within two short years, the building works was finally completed. BBPC, as a branch congregation of ORPC, held the inaugural service of the English Congregation on 2 July 1995 followed by the Mandarin and Indonesian Congregations commencing their regular Sunday services a few weeks later.

In June 2007, BBPC broached the subject of independence as a next step in ORPC’s Church Planting Project and vision for BBPC. An independence committee was formed to look into proposal details. Momentum picked up by early 2011, with BBPC’s combined English and Indonesian Congregations forming a pro-tem committee to obtain ORPC’s final approval. By God’s direction and provision, BBPC was registered as a society on 28 December 2012, and granted charity status on 28 March 2013. Worship services are held every Sunday for the English and Indonesian Congregations, alongside Providence Presbyterian Church (Mandarin services). BBPC continues, through the various ministries, to bear witness and testimony to the Grace of God and the commitment of His people. After the operational transfer of assets and church management oversight to BBPC leadership from ORPC on 1 July 2013, BBPC held its inaugural service as an independent member church of the English Presbytery on 21 July 2013. Today, Bukit Batok Presbyterian Church is an independent member of the Presbyterian Church of Singapore (Synod).

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Love God, Love One Another, Love the Lost


To prepare the church for Growth


Nurturing a Christ-centred family of fruitful disciples in BBPC & beyond

To develop a
Loving & Caring BBPC Family

To develop Disciple-making Disciples

To encourage worshippers in Personal, Community and Missions Outreach

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