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Bringing Christmas Cheer to the Community! 16 Dec 2023

Christmas Gift Distribution

A heartwarming gift distribution event unfolded in Bukit Batok on the morning of 16 December 2023. Organised by Bukit Batok Presbyterian Church (BBPC), this gift distribution presented an opportunity for sharing with the community and fostering a sense of community spirit.

Day of Distribution

The planning and logistics behind this event were no mean feat. Nonetheless, we were encouraged by the sizeable turnout of volunteers to help in the distribution.


The distributors went from door to door and presented gifts to the residents. Beyond the act of bestowing Christmas blessings, we were thankful for the wonderful connections and conversations with the residents.


The camaraderie among the distributors was praiseworthy. Individuals who completed their tasks ahead of schedule generously extended their helping hands to those who were lagging behind.


The entire distribution endeavour was successfully concluded by early afternoon, thanks to the great weather and remarkable teamwork. We look forward to bringing more Christmas cheer to the neighbourhood!


Below are some reflections by the volunteers on the gift distribution exercise:


Lee Chin

Lee Chin recounted a fulfilling encounter when a lady prayed a blessing for the team. This unexpected interaction was a novel experience and pleasant surprise for her.



Joanne shared how two households generously provided refreshments to her team. Additionally, an elderly man grappling with Parkinson's disease, thanked the team for visiting him.



Despite not being fluent in Mandarin and dialects, Aloysius was grateful he could  communicate with the elderly residents who did not understand English.



Cate recounted a heartwarming interaction with an elderly lady, who warmly invited the team into her house for a chat over tea.

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