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BBPC Easter Celebration at PPS & CCM

BBPC Easter celebrations were held at Presbyterian Preschool Services (PPS) on 27th March 2024 and at Chinese Christian Mission (CCM) on 28th March 2024.

With great dedication and a month-long preparation, team members Kah Yeun, Kin Lan, Lee Chin, Jia Hui, Sherry, and Cecilia meticulously planned a programme schedule that included sing-along songs, a puppet show and craftwork for children between the ages of one and six years.

Puppet Show

On the day of the event, teachers and children were led in a time of worship before the Easter story was engagingly

narrated through a puppet skit. The light-hearted performance carries a serious message, serving to remind us that Easter is not about bunnies and chocolates, but about the redemptive work of Jesus on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. 

Children's Craftwork

The kids were treated to a time of craftwork based on the 'New Life' theme. This involved creating vibrant artworks of a potted plant as a representation of new life from God. They traced the outline of their little hands on paper before cutting them out to be used as flower stalks. Bits of coloured crepe paper were pasted on the 'fingertips' as flowers in bloom. At the conclusion of the event, each child was presented with a gift package which  contained seeds and mini egg-shaped pots, reminding them that all new life comes from God.


Kah Yeun, who was overseeing the entire event,  expressed satisfaction in knowing that many children were receptive and understood the true meaning of Easter.

Sherry, who was in charge of song-leading, was heartened and encouraged by the atmosphere of worship. She expressed her gratitude for having the opportunity to share about God's redemptive plan in such a special way to both the adults and children.

Lee Chin, who made her puppet ministry debut, found fulfilment in volunteering alongside her team members.

Kin Lan, a seasoned puppeteer, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve God despite her perceived lack of puppetry skills. 

Narrator and live caster, Jia Hui, was impressed by the children's interest and attentiveness throughout the programme, delighted by their eagerness to participate and excitement about the Easter story.

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